101 Fun Ideas For Self Care

Welcome to BLOGMAS Day 20!

Check out this exhaustive list of some fun self care ideas! The entire purpose of this is to feel good about yourself, take care of yourself and help yourself become better and content! 

Enjoy the read fellas:-)

1– Read a book
2– Dance to your favourite song
3– Book yourself a salon session
4– Take a pampering bath
5– Cook yourself your favourite meal
6– Eat how much ever and whatever you want to
7– Chill and Binge with Netflix
8– Go shopping
9– Go on a long drive
10– Listen to you favourite music on the highest volume
11– See a random movie in a theatre
12– Play a random game
13– Spend time with nature
14– Volunteer for a cause
15– Go to networking events
16– Learn something new
17– Write story about your life
18– Try a cuisine you never tried before
19– Surprise a friend/family member
20– Try some new diet
21– Do some photography
22– Go on a blind date
23– Get yourself a massage
24– Do some Yoga
25– Get yourself a makeover
26– Go through old photographs
27– Write a diary
28– Procrastinate
29– Write love letters
30– Create some handicrafts
31– Paint
32– Make someone’s day
33– Organize your closet
34– Declutter your work/study space
35– Paint your nails
36– Go grocery shopping
37– Create a workout plan
38– Take dance classes
39– Study a new course/subject
40– Have a girls night out
41– Write about your goals for next 5 years
42– Make some hot chocolate and relax in your balcony
43– Go for a live concert
44– Click selfies
45– Imitate your favourite artist
46– Go live on Instagram
47– Bake  a cake
48– Try a new recipe
49– Have a sleepover
50– Go sightseeing
51–  Go on a date with yourself
52– Be some one else for a day
53– Cycle around the city
54– Play some video game
55– Throw a party
56– Schedule your upcoming week
57– Buy some best deals on Groupon
58– Dress up
59– Light up your living room
60– Redecorate your bedroom
61– Donate clothes/shoes/accessories to those in need
62– Have a day of digital detox
63– Sleep as much as you want
64– Don’t do any chores and simply relax
65– Reflect on your recent experiences
66– Change your negative perceptions into a positive one
67– Buy yourself a gift
68– Watch YouTube videos
69– Call up a friend you didn’t speak to in years
70– Establish a morning routine
71– Get yourself a routine medical check up
72– Meditate
73– Forgive someone for their mistake no matter how hard it is
74– Help someone
75– Watch kids play in a park
76– For once be honest with yourself
77– Celebrate your achievements
78– Love someone unconditionally
79– Challenge yourself to drink more water
80– Go swimming
81– Go on a trek
82– Give someone else a makeover
83– Apply for new jobs
84– Write your dreams
85– Analyze your nightmares
86– Get yourself a pet
87– Don’t talk at all for a day
88- Give up junk food for a week
89– Play a sport
90– Cry your heart out
91– Spill out your secrets
92– Watch some live comedy 
93– Start a blog
94– Build a sand castle on the beach
95– Explore museums around the city
96– Lie down in the garden and watch the sky
97– Go on a vacation
98– Fix complicated relationships
99– Make one stranger a friend
100– Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day
101– Make list of things you are grateful for

Thank you so much for reading through the post:-) See you tomorrow with BLOGMAS Day 21!

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