I am back to YouTube!

Heya Beautifuls!
I have missed you all so much! I am writing after over two months but have come back with an amazing news! I have reinstated my Youtube Channel!

One of the latest videos I uploaded: Valentines Day Make Up Look

Now, I started Youtube way back in 2016 as a hobby to showcase my love for beauty, fashion and lifestyle in general. I stopped making them in 2017 due to two main reasons:
1. I started working full time which left me with no time to create content.
2. I felt that no one watched my videos. This demotivated me to even try further.

I started to doubt myself for the decision I made, to start a Youtube channel in the first place. A lot of people start a Youtube channel for fame, money and attention. My objective was just one: to share my experiences and express myself. Time passed by, and my family and friends started asking me about my videos and how much they missed watching them.
My fiancé too pushed me and encouraged me to pursue making videos again as it was evident to my loved ones that expressing myself and sharing my tattle tales made be the happiest. After a lot of persuasion from people and some confidence inside of me, I decided to reinstate my channel and start where I left.

I have to admit, I feel happy! Simply because now I don’t think of YouTube as views, subscribers or fame. I simply see it as a platform to inspire and be inspired. Just like writing, making videos makes me happy and pops my mind out in so many positive and inspirational avenues. I want you to watch my videos only because you want to, not because you need to or because I have requested you to. I know a lot of you might feel you have seen better content or there is nothing new in my videos to watch, but there is one thing you won’t find anywhere else on any platform—- ME! It’s me who makes it unique.

So, if you really want to, please go ahead and watch my videos, subscribe to my channel and share with others. No obligations here, just inspirations!
Link to my YouTube channel: HERE

Thank you for reading through the post. See you all until next time!

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