Welcome To Her Blog Box!

Welcome to Her Blog Box! Finally, I feel that I have gathered all the spirits and am in the correct headspace to actually start a blog of my own. I have lost track of the number of times I have come close to accumulating the idea of starting a blog. I have had some encounters with blogging before but none materialised the way I wanted them to. But now I am ready to start from scratch!


My love for writing is the primary reason for setting up a blog. I am not a professional writer nor am I an expert when it comes to ‘correct’ grammar or English. I just enjoy writing and I want to be able to write about everything and anything. I want to share my experiences with each one of you simply because I don’t want to be alone with my encounters. As they say ‘sharing is caring’!

Now before you start to assume or predict what my blog is going to be about and which topic I shall be focussing on, STOP! I have had advices pouring on my head from everyone that the best way to start writing a blog is to be specific and niche. Honestly, I don’t want to be specific, at least not at present. I want to feel the liberty to write about anything (nothing offensive of course 😉).

So without forecasting the topics, please give me the honour to bring to you the real me. I promise you shall not regret. Summing up, all I want to say is that Hey! I can’t wait to start blogging! 💃💃

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