10 Random Facts About Me

Welcome To BLOGMAS Day 8!

Today’s blog post is all about getting to know me a bit better! It’s been over two months since I started blogging and have never really got myself known to you.  It has always been about random things I write about but nothing random about myself 😎So, let me take you through 10 random  (fun) facts about myself 😋Okay enough of ‘randoming’ here, enjoy! 😉

  1. My sun sign is Libra.
  2. I have lost 45 kgs of body weight in over two years.
  3. I dislike anything with chocolates in them.
  4. I am 5 ft 6 in tall.
  5. I am left handed when it comes to writing and doing all my other chores.
  6. I suffer big time from Aqua-phobia. However, I can swim well. 
  7. I have a YouTube channel (currently inoperative).
  8. I can speak 4 languages.
  9. I am a complete ‘Bollywood’ buff.
  10. I am petrified of travelling in airplanes. 
  11. A BONUS FACT: I am allergic to coconuts. 

Hope you relished the list! Don’t forget to list down random facts about yourself in the comments. I would love to know each one of you! Thank you so much for reading through the post:-) See you tomorrow with BLOGMAS Day 9!

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