Blast From Past: A Poem About Love

Welcome To BLOGMAS Day 10!

Memories! They cant be seen, touched or recited again. All you can do is travel through them  inside of you and just feel it. They will surprise you each time with so many new thoughts and perceptions.
I too stumbled upon a memory I wrote almost 10 years ago– a poem. I must have been the average 16-17 year old teenager and had no idea why I wrote, what I wrote. But going through it over again makes me nostalgic and shows how much one can deeply feel about love even at such a tender age.
I hope you too enjoy reading the poem. The English, grammar and rhymes might not be on point but this poem is special to me in every way…

Love is unconditional,
Love is unconventional,
No one knows what it is,
Love is transitional.

It is a feeling felt once in life,
Try your best it will never wipe.
It is not true that love happens once,
But it is true that it has so many turns.

So what if your love doesn’t love you,
Make sure you love him as no one else could do.
Don’t see what future has kept for you,
Love him so much that you don’t have any regrets after you do.

One day he will realize your worth,
May be that day you cannot get back on earth.
Let him know how much you love him,
Then it would be his decision to make a dim.

It hurts, I know, It pains, I know.
Then why don’t we choose them who are here just for our show?
It is said love the one who loves you,
No doubt it is so very true.

It is usual you loving someone,
But it is RARE someone loving you more amongst everyone.
Don’t miss the right one as you may suffer,
Instead never let the right one go and be with him forever!

I would really love to know your thoughts about it. Please leave them in comments below. Thank you so much for reading through the poem:-) See you tomorrow with BLOGMAS Day 11!

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