Let’s Review It: LUSH Magic Crystals Shower Scrub

Welcome to BLOGMAS Day 12!

There are no two ways about me being a super huge Lush fan. Especially their bath bombs! They are absolutely amazing and leaves my skin feeling like no other. Unlike a lot of skincare brands, every Lush product is vegan, handmade and against animal testing. 

Buying their products don’t burn a hole in your pockets but are still reasonably higher priced than its competitors. However, I am not cribbing because their quality is terrific! My latest purchase from Lush is the Magic Crystals Shower Scrub. Lush launched this product in August this year.

Lush Magic Crystals Shower Scrub

What made me buy the product?
When I walked into the shower section of the Lush store, the first thing that caught my attention was this bright purple crystals tub kept on a ‘try me’ stand. I was not sure to try it or purchase it even. 

I tried their ‘Scrub Scrub Scrub’ scrub which had active charcoal ingredients but somehow didn’t feel right on my skin. Then I tried ‘Buff’ scrub which was an amazing exfoliator in a bar form but not too moisturizing.  I wanted something which could help exfoliate excessive dry skin (especially on legs) and hydrate it at the same time.

Eventually the shop assistant asked me to give ‘Magic Crystals’ a go and it felt like I finally found the one! (ookay there’s a cliché there!) It was everything I was looking for in an exfoliator. 

How much did it cost?
I paid CAD$18.85 (incl. taxes) for 300g of a tub. According to the shop assistant, this one tub should last approximately 6-7 times of full body scrub. I would be using this once in two weeks which makes it last for over 3 months. Honestly, I am happy with this deal. 

The best thing about this product is it’s consistency and how easy it is to spread over my entire body. I stand under the shower for about 10 seconds (which covers my body with enough water) and use the scrub all over. A very generous amount mixed with water does the trick!

The crystals are fine but effective. I could feel my skin being exfoliated and it did not even take enormous efforts to rub it in. Once the scrubbing is done, get back into the shower and it comes right off! Super smooth and hydrating.

I hate terming this as ‘cons’ as it really is nothing negative. The only thing I wish was that it didn’t tingle as much. The ingredients of this scrub contains Menthol, Peppermint and Spearmint, which gives sensations of burning and tingling for a few seconds once you wash it off your body.

It could be that every body feels differently but I had a little difficulty as I felt burning sensations, tingling and so cold standing under hot shower for a short span of time. After the shower, my skin felt completely normal and smooth. It also has a very strong mint smell.

Overall Rating
I would rate this product a 4.5/5

The only reason I wouldn’t rate a complete 5 is due to it’s tingling and burning sensation. But no doubt this is one of my very much loved exfoliators!

Link to the product: Here

Thank you so much for reading through the post:-) See you tomorrow with BLOGMAS Day 13!

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. aisasami says:

    OMg, I love Lush as my skin is super sensitive and hates certain soaps. I have to try this, I wonder if it is here in Japan yet.


    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Yes Lush products are amazing for sensitive skin as they are made without harmful chemicals!
      Lush do have stores in Japan! Here’s the link: https://jn.lush.com/shops


      1. aisasami says:

        I know they do, they are near my house. The problem is that whatever get released in the US will be released next year in Japan. We get things slow here


      2. aisasami says:

        Not on the website either. They are more focus on Xmas products here

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Really love how beautiful this product looks! I’ve been using a coffee based body scrub and it’s giving some good results. Would try this the next time.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Please recommend some coffee based scrubs. I would like to give a few ones try! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I got this sample from an Indie brand that I’m using, it’s called SkinYoga. But most of the times, I make one by mixing ground coffee and coconut oil. Super cheap and effective!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Laura says:

    Lush is a fab brand! I never tried their scrubs. I don’t use body scrubs enough!
    Laura / http://www.laustworld.com


    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Hey Laura,
      No doubts Lush is a fab brand! I too have been into their scrubs quite recently! Was just into their bath bombs and lip scrubs! They are great:-)


  4. Ashley Marie says:

    I tend not to use exfoliating products because my skin is so sensitive, but I enjoyed reading your review. I’m a huge fan of Lush products and it sounds like this one doesn’t disappoint.


    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Hey Ashley,
      I am glad you found my review helpful! Honestly, Lush I feel is one of the few brands which suits the best for sensitive skin as their products are completely vegan! Plus, if shopping in store, you can always try their products and purchase it, unlike a lot other brands which you have to decide on reviews and packaging.Thank you for reading through! 🙂


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