Monthly Goals: November + December

Heya lovelies!

This year seems to be flying by so quickly with October coming to an end. Last two months of 2018 and we will all be in a different year, different space and have different goals. Talking about goals; I am so not a very good follower of my goals because ‘Hey! Life comes in the way…’ 😛 


However, I do believe that jotting down some pointers about what we wish to accomplish and, giving them a deadline helps us work towards it a little more seriously. That’s how it works for me, you could be different. We just need to find what fits the best for us. Hence, I thought I could share my goals for the last two months of this year with you.

Before I lay my goals I just want to say that I am going to try my best to accomplish them however, if for some reason I am unable to accomplish my goals in the decided time frame, I shall continue working on it until I get there. Anything you are passionate about to pursue should never be given up. It’s alright to take your own little time.. 😊

So here are my goals for November and December 2018:

I want to start reading books 📚

I am not a very determined person when it comes to reading books. I feel reading books can be boring. I can read magazines, articles, news and stuff. But I have never attempted reading an actual book (I know that’s a shame!). I have wanted to get into the habit of one for so long but whenever I thought about starting, the idea just faded. But this time I am quite up for it! (Keep an eye on my social media, I shall update you guys with what I am reading)

I want to learn more about creating blogs 📝

I am very new to blogging and although I try my best to create content rich posts, I know I still have so much to learn and experiment. I want to give myself time to understand the depth of of the blogging process as I want to be here on this platform to add value and make a difference.

I want to make conscious efforts of eating right and staying fit 💪🏼

This one I am sure is on each one of our new year resolutions 😁 But on a serious note, just like I make time for everything else around me, I want to make efforts to stay fit and eat right. It can be something as small as going for a walk or cooking with healthy ingredients. But my goal is to start somewhere and then build up on it.

I hope you will like me sharing my monthly goals with you often. Please share in comments about your monthly goals and we can work together towards achieving them! Thank you so much for reading through the post:-) You guys are 😘

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. nieeesha123 says:

    Cute blog you have!
    I love the idea of goals, but I have never been great at setting them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Thank you Nieesha! 🙂
      Yeah, even the relationship I share with goals isn’t that pleasant, yet we always can try!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sahara says:

    I can definitely say I’m the same with goals, I don’t really write down my goals for the year as life does get in the way but I do like to make weekly goals 🙂

    Oh! Books, I love reading books. The best way to get into reading is finding a good book – once you get a good book, you’ll finish the book in no time! You just have to find what type of book – thriller, romance, sci-fi etc. is the genre for you 🙂

    And yes to starting somewhere and then building on it, it’s so easy to compare yourself/fitness to someone else who may have been working out longer than you have but the most important thing to remember is that you have your journey and they have theirs 🙂 A great blog for healthy recipes is – she has amazing recipes on there!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Will surely checkout the healthy recipes! Thank you 🙂


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