My Favourite YouTubers

YouTubers today are no less than celebrities and a few of them really deserve to enjoy that glory. The sort of creativity, content and engagement they bring to the viewers says a lot about the potential digital communication has, and will have in the coming years!


I was introduced to YouTube around late 2011 and since then it has managed to retain my devotion towards itself. My personal favourite YouTubers come from all sorts of background: makeup, lifestyle, comedy, or simply entertainment. I love watching their videos at any given time and have been meeting them on my digital screen for a couple of years now. Some are educative and informative while others just make you feel good about yourself. 

Here are my 5 favourites….

Kaushal Beauty (Makeup Tutorials)
YouTube Channel Link Here

Image Courtesy: YouTube

Before anything else, can we just take a moment to admire how beautiful this woman is!! 😍😍😍 If you would have read one of my earlier posts titled ‘The Beauty Tag ♥’, you would know that I absolutely adore Kaushal’s YouTube videos. From  basic to back to school, from date nights to weddings, you name the occasion and she has it all there. There are so many YouTubers out there doing makeup tutorials but what catches my attention to Kaushal’s videos are that they are so easy to follow and understand. Her tutorials are precise, informative and really engaging. I have tried few of her looks (although I think I never get close to the way her makeup turns out to be :p) and it has been of such help in times where I have had to match my outfit with my makeup.

IISuperwomanII (Comedy & Entertainment)
YouTube Channel Link Here

Image Courtesy: Canadian Business

Superwoman Lilly Singh’s videos are the ones I usually watch to uplift my mood. She spreads humour, laughter and positivity. This ‘Bawse Beauty’ creates videos which usually are satirical takes on every day lives of common people. My personal favourite videos of her are the ones where she enacts her parents and their reaction to her antics influenced by the Punjabi culture. I have actually spent hours at a stretch watching her videos and have never got tired of them (some I have watched more than 10 times!! 🙈)

Matthew Santoro (Entertainment)
YouTube Channel Link Here

Image Courtesy: TV Tropes

This Canadian YouTuber is known for his ‘top 10 lists’ and ’50 amazing facts’ videos. In a way he publishes something like ‘infotainment’ content. Now, I am not a very huge fan of facts and lists but Matthew’s videos are not just that. All his videos are quirky as he adds his own comic twist to them. I watch his videos when I am home relaxing, winding myself down with some hot chocolate and scones in bed. Also, I want to admit that this guy is a treat to listen to!

Zoella (Lifestyle)
YouTube Channel Link Here

Image Courtesy: TNW

Zoella a.k.a Zoe Sugg is by far the most followed lifestyle and beauty icon in the UK. It feels as if she lives with a family of YouTubers as from her boyfriend to best friend to her brother; everyone is a YouTuber; and all of them are ‘celebrities’ in their own ways. Her channel has all kinds of lifestyle videos like makeup, hauls, cooking and baking, fun challenges, and collaborations. My personal favourite are her haul videos. She really goes deep in explaining why she purchased the product, its uses, how much she spent on it, etc. Moreover, I don’t get bored watching them (you know how it can get when someone explains in depth about why they bought a pair of hair clips 😐) Zoe’s videos are entertaining and fun to watch and don’t take up your interest out even for a second. 

Joanna Soh (Health and Fitness)
YouTube Channel Link Here

Image Courtesy:

This has been the only health and fitness channel till date which has helped me convince that I have the power to change the way I look, eat and live. Joanna’s videos are not only motivating and inspiring but also educative. She not only creates videos of herself working out or cooking healthy meals but also helps a lot many of us understand our body, food intake, meal planning and everything that covers living a healthy lifestyle through her videos. I love her uploads as she makes my life easier in a way where I can workout in the gym with her workout plans (not everyone can afford a personal trainer) and cook on a budget with her tips to saving money on foods yet eat so much! (all healthy stuff). I really do recommend watching her videos, even if it is just to feel good about yourself:-)

So here I finish blabbering about my five favourite YouTubers! I do watch a lot many other YouTubers but these are the ones I have been consistently watching for over 3 years now. (It’s like my loyalty to them is what I cherish ☺️ ) Do let me know in the comments about your favourite YouTubers and why you like watching their videos. Thank you so much for reading through this post lovelies 😘 I really do appreciate it 🙂

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