5 Things About People That Get Onto My Nerves

I am sure we all have that ‘thing’ about people that just gets onto our nerves. Call it personality, nature or simply being ‘us’! The truth is that there are people and things out there we wish we had some sort of immunity from, but unfortunately we don’t. 😞

Here is my list of 5 things about people I can’t handle and whenever I come across any I just ask myself ‘Why’? 😤


Okay, I understand there are white lies and black lies. We all lie and I am no exception. However, when people lie for no apparent reason is what upsets me. It’s like their lie is neither white nor black. So why on earth you want to lie man?! I mean they really enjoy it for some reason; but unfortunately it just gets onto my nerves! 👿

Public Nose Pickers

My first reaction? ‘EWW’ Seriously, what is your problem? We all have things accumulating inside our nose and it really is a good practice to keep those holes clean! But in private please! You are not only getting your hands and surroundings dirty (which I assume you don’t have anywhere to clean) but also disgusting  😼

Smokers And Their Smoking

If it were in my control I would shut all these companies producing cigarettes. You are not only killing the ones buying your packs but also people around who these smokers smoke. I do have some sort of allergy to the cigarette smoke; whenever I smell, I can really go mad! 😷 People please! I understand the stress you go through and the escapism you need but please, try meditation, yoga, exercises and, positive thinking. This will not only help you live longer but also stress free! 

The ‘Loudspeakers’ 

These are the people who really don’t care where they are and talk on the phone like no one is around them! Whether in train, bus, malls or on road, you find these lot of people everywhere! We really don’t want to listen to who spilled wine on your dress or why some grocery store refused you a 10% off on a milk can! Please have some basic etiquette of talking in peace 😠

Late Comers 

There is always a reason why someone specifies a time. When it is agreed by both parties at 7pm, please understand that ‘both’ are expected to be there at 7pm! Being on time can be difficult when situations occur that are not in our control (earthquakes, strikes, no transportation, etc. ) But, when there are people who always show up late and make lame excuses signifying they are the busiest people in this world just irritates me to the core! Like seriously, what joy you gather from turning up late? The only thing you gather is the impression of being a ‘tardy’ 🙎

Trust me I can write a book on this never-ending list! May be a part 2!  I hope you enjoyed this piece; please share below habits/things about people which annoy you the most. I would love to read them! Thank you so much for reading through the post:-)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jheelam says:

    This “angry” face is so cute. 😀 Have you drawn it? Your list is so apt. Apart from nose pickers, I hate those who burp loudly in public places. Always grate on my nerves.


    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Hey Jheelam,
      Thanks! I wish I could draw that well, it’s a picture from the internet. Yeah, THE BURPS! Totally agree with you! 🙂


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