Let’s Talk LIFE: It ‘Still’ Is Beautiful

Welcome To BLOGMAS Day 3!

Before you read through the following piece, I want to let you know that you are beautiful and so is this life you are blessed with. Don’t ever give up on what you desire, you never know how this rollercoaster ride will flip your dreams!

We humans tend to hold onto or chase feelings which we are always deprived of. The feelings that give us life, the ones which we want to live and feel every moment. But life bursts this illusioned bubble of ours in no time. It thinks it got us delusioned and powerless. It waits for us to beg for what we want or deserve. But what it does not know is that we humans are at par with life. We believe in magic and miracles, we believe in the power of not giving up.

Life will guard itself with the excuse that it was trying to make us stronger, but will it ever accept that all it was trying to do was break someone from within, make them hopeless, deprive them of their loved ones, kill them with the thoughts of being lonely and deserted? It will never accept the fact. That is why someone came up with the phrase: ‘Life Is A Bitch’. 

Well, it might be but it still is the most beautiful. Why you ask? Because how much ever challenging, mean or unfair it might be, life is the only thing which gives us humans the power to fight with life itself. The power which life too could never imagine existed. The trait of being adamant for what we want. It has its own beauty you see. A dead human finds it easy to rest in a coffin with no movements or pain because there is no life left inside of them. But putting a human full of life, breathing, feeling and sensing all emotions in that ‘dead’ state and seeing them rise to life all over again is what makes this life beautiful. 

I believe the only thing that matters is to to live life the way you want to because regrets kill you more than failures ever will. People, friends, family might get disheartened or disappointed for that ‘temporary’ phase, but when they look at how happy you are with your life, the life you chose rebelling against all odds will make them proud. And Happy. The happiness they thought could never exist. But it did, because you had the courage to live it, want it, achieve it. 

I had written this piece last year. I just wanted to bring back the essence of how grateful one should be to breathe and live. Really, whatever the situation, dilemma or phase your life is taking you through remember, you might not win but you shall come out stronger and better. That’s still something far more greater than giving it up. You matter. So does your life.
Thank you so much for reading through the post:-) See you tomorrow with BLOGMAS Day 4!

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      Thank you so much Siobhain! 🙂


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