6 Unconventional Ways I De-Stress

Welcome To BLOGMAS Day 2!

I know.. a lot many bloggers, magazine articles and experts talk about ways you can de-stress your body and mind and most of these measures seem to really work well until you actually try them. Yes, I too have read so many ways and tried a numerous of them but honestly, they didn’t work as I expected them to or the way they were promised to work.

What I discovered was that we all have our lives engrossed with our own unique mind space and physicality. Thus, things that others say could help, might never will. Yet, it is different for everyone and depends how one finds the serenity amidst the chaos. I, for a long time wanted to share with you the ways I de-stress myself. It took me a good deal of understanding and reflection of my own self to conclude that everything that makes me stress free and gets me peace are unconventional measures. 

Gaze Outside The Window

window-view-1081788_1280Doesn’t matter if the window is in my own house, some friend’s house or at workplace. Looking out of the window for sometime gives me peace and helps me regain my thought process. It is one of the best ways I de-stress. Some days I see cars and people and, some days I see stars and the sunset.

Call Up ‘My’ Person

woman-791874_640Nothing soothes me down better than giving a quick ring to ‘my’ person. The one who is always available to me 24/7 no matter which part of the world they reside in. In most cases it is my mother. I am sure we all can relate. Mothers always make our lives simpler. In other cases it is either my best friend or my special one. 


bell-pepper-569070_640If I want to physically take myself and my mind off something I force myself to actually land up in the kitchen. Simply because cooking helps me to rejuvenate. Looking at different colours of ingredients, smelling different foods and aromas help me relax and take some time off everything bugging me at that hour. It is a real replenisher.

Visit A Café

coffee-801781_640To sip my favourite coffee, work in there or simply observe people– cafés have positive and boosting energy. Sometimes I feel stuck and alone sitting in the house and all I do is  visit a café near by. I order my favourite hot chocolate with some zucchini chocolate bread and guess what? I already feel so much better and serene. I strongly feel a place can make a huge difference on your mind and body.

Cry My Heart Out

woman-1006102_640Don’t get me wrong. But crying is not ‘negative’ which a lot of us perceive. It is a very strong emotion which sometimes needs to flow in order for us to feel better. I cry my heart out on days when I feel the mental pain. When I cannot  verbally express what I feel. The peace it brings to me after all that flow is incomparable. Sometimes there are no reasons, you just want to cry out. I do. And I feel better.

Dress Up And Make Up

pretty-woman-635258_640I am not a girl who likes to have her makeup and outfit on point everyday. Never tried to put on the ‘fashionista’ face. However, there have been days when just putting on my favourite dress with some nice hairdo and makeup have made me feel happy and confident. I am both usually, but  some days  it makes me feel more of it. Little things that make you feel fresh and good. 

One thing you might have noticed is that none of my de-stressing ways composed of any form of digital tools like phones, laptops, TV, etc. Hence, I say ‘unconventional’ ways to de-stress in today’s era. I hope you enjoyed the read. Please share with me your ways to destress in comments below or by pinging or tweeting me on my social media networks. Thank you so much for reading through the post:-) See you tomorrow with BLOGMAS Day 3!

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  1. Cooking or even better baking something sweet is great way to de-stress. Especially because at the end you will have something sweet to go with your coffee or tea. 🙂
    Great post!

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    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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