20 Things To Do In Your 20s

Welcome To BLOGMAS Day 14!

My life in twenties has had its shares of ups and downs. I am sure you can relate, its tough! I was 19 when for the first time I travelled out of my home country to pursue my education. Since then, I have shaped my life up in 3 different countries. 

Regardless of where I lived I always wanted to get the most out of everything. I still do! This age band of 20-29 is surely the one to cherish as it this phase which transforms and makes us more aware of ourselves and change our perceptions towards life’s avenues.

Through my experiences I bring to you 20 things to do in your 20s! I have just entered into my late twenties and am still exploring so much more… Hope you will enjoy the read(: 

Don’t take everything too seriously
The first thing we all humans tend to do as soon as we leave our teenage era is take everything too seriously. Relax! You are not in a race and you will not win always! 

Travel travel travel
There is nothing more peaceful, liberating and content than travelling! Take day trips, short trips, long vacations, exotic vacations, whatever! But make sure you explore. When you see variations in life around the world, you tend to learn so much about yourself!

Read quality books
We all will read newspapers, magazines and Buzzfeed articles! But reading books and journals will open up your mind, make you question the reality and, help you think out of the box! Also, your vocabulary database is upgraded.

Learn to appreciate others
It is very easy to overlook ones doing and deeds. When others around help or support your actions, learn to appreciate their gesture or doings. Kindness goes a long way! 

Make time for your loved ones
I live thousands of miles away from my near and dear ones, with different time zones,  a busy life, but not yet have there been an excuse of why I can’t call or text them once a day. It’s not duty, it’s care. We all care and miss our friends and family. Sometimes instead of saying, show it.

Save up
Or at least get into the habit of one. I don’t mean for you to live on an extremely tight budget, but saving up will lessen the stress you will encounter years later. Having your finances managed smartly surely is a task but a completely important. 

Take care of your health
Nothing in this world will matter if you are not healthy enough to fulfil your ambitions and work hard towards your goal. You mind needs to be sharp and body need to be fit. 

This is one thing I regret not doing it during my early twenties! And now I find myself in a rut to suddenly move up and socialize. It’s good to meet people, make friends and share experiences. All’s well in a company.

Spend time with yourself
With all the chaos in your daily life, spending some time with yourself can be healing and empowering. I do this so very often. You can spend time with your own self doing a zillion things! Talk to yourself, cook, paint, dance, anything! Just make sure it it’s just you who you communicate with.

Learn to forgive
Forgiveness is important, not for the other person, but yourself. It’s not easy, but it will be the most courageous thing you will ever do. Learn to forgive yourself too! Don’t be harsh, everything will find its way, just let go. 

Be honest
First, with yourself! Nothing can be more delusional if you are unaware of your own self. Be honest with everything you do. It will not keep your conscience satisfied but you will also thank yourself in the years later. 

Find your passion
This is the best time to know what you really want to do with your life. If you haven’t found your calling yet, try your hand at different things, challenge yourself with various tasks. This will not only add to your experience but also help shape up your most wanted ambitions.

Make mistakes
You can’t expect yourself to be every inch of success without making mistakes. If you make a lot of them, count them as your lessons! The more the better! Learn from them and move on.. 

Keep a daily journal
It might sound like a lot of work.  Trust me it isn’t. It all depends what you want to keep a track of. Could be your daily to do lists, your workout schedule or just a reflection a the end of your day. Writing down things have better impact than having them in mind.

Don’t live to please
It is very easy to drown under peer pressure and live your life accordingly. Don’t! Be who you are and live like you want to. People who judge you or choose to be around you for being in a specific way don’t really need to be around you. 

Take risks
As they say: It’s better to not accomplish than regret not trying. Risks are a part of life and living in your comfort zone will only constraint you from achieving the best of things. Things you never thought you could achieve. So get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

Spend more time with nature
Take often breaks to spend some time with nature. Gaze at trees or lie down on grass. Its soothing and refreshing and definitely a recreational retreat! 

Volunteer for a cause
We all read and hear about world’s problems but what do we really do to make a difference? Volunteer or spend time helping a cause you really believe. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, when you help others without expectations. 

Be patient
We all go through times when we want everything to happen for us immediately. Results take time and consistency is the key. Everything happens in it’s sweet little time. Learn to go with the flow. 

Declutter negativity
Lastly, declutter all sorts of negativity from your life. I know it’s easier said than done. But your efforts to stay away from people who don’t add positivity into your life and eradicate pessimistic thoughts will help you live a less complicated life.

Thank you so much for reading through the post:-) See you tomorrow with BLOGMAS Day 15!

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