My Dental Hygiene Routine

Welcome To BLOGMAS Day 15!

We all talk so much about skincare, beauty tips, makeup, fashion, etc.., Dental hygiene is one topic not may talk about. Dental care I know, varies from person to person and we all have our ways of keeping our oral health fresh and sparkling! 

Yet I feel, just like other lifestyle topics, to share some tips and reviews of products we use for dental care might help and and promote importance of oral health. Let me take you through my way of keeping my dentures healthy and clean. 


The first thing I do in the morning after using the washroom is to get into the process of cleaning my teeth. I use Oral B 5 Way Clean Complete  Manual Toothbrush along with Colgate Max Fresh. No offence to the electronic toothbrushes, I feel manual ones give me more control over the cleaning. 

I came across Oral B’s this terrific toothbrush in London some 6 years ago. Since then I am its avid user! The bristles are soft and effective and the head doesn’t hurt my gums. Colgate has a many more variety of flavours but Max Fresh suits me the best. It’s refreshing, cooling and helps so much with a clean breath. Although, I am not sure about its whitening properties. I never found it to be whitening my teeth but cleaning well, absolutely yess!


I know a lot of people clean the bacterias on their tongue with the back of the brush head or simply never clean it. FACT: It is your tongue that gives out bad or good breath. It is super important to keep you tongue absolutely clear of all the dead cells that forms overnight and bacterias pondering on them from the food you ate last night. 

I use a Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner to clean my tongue. Wait! It does not cut, bruise or hurt.  All you do is glide along your tongue from top to bottom twice or thrice and all the coating of the bacterias come right off. Just be sure to not go hard with it, it will take little practice to do it in a swing. This cleans better than back head of the brush or moreover not clean it at all. 

A lot many, including myself dislike the entire process of flossing, yet I make sure to stick to it for keeping plaques and gross looking teeth at bay. I use the Oral B Essential Floss. Again, flossing takes practice and can be little time consuming, but with everyday use it definitely makes you a pro!


Lastly, I finish my routine by using Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash. I fill 1/4 of its cap and gargle by mouth effectively. This again is an extra step I take towards my cleaning and refreshing process. I like my mouth to smell good, clean and refreshing. You can totally skip this step but what’s the harm anyways? 

I also use this mouthwash after meals to make sure no food is stuck on my teeth and my breath is fresh! The mouthwash is alcohol free and helps kills the germs trying to make house inside your mouth. 

And that is my dental hygiene routine! I pay visit to my dentist at least once in 6 months to get my oral health assessed and also get my teeth polished and cleaned! Let me know how you take care of dentures in the comments below. 

Thank you so much for reading through the post:-) See you tomorrow with BLOGMAS Day 16!

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