26th Birthday: On My Own

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Yesterday I celebrated my 26th birthday and it had been a quiet affair. Because I live away from my family and friends (I missed them terribly!), I decided to live up my birthday by myself. It might sound strange at first but honestly, I did enjoy it. Usually we all have birthdays where we party, blow candles, get drunk, eat our heart out, dress up and have a ball! I would have loved to do each of that if my loved ones would have been here with me. But because this year I was on my own, I took this opportunity to make my own self happy! How you ask?

Well, to start off, I made myself an easy breakfast: Indian Tea + Sesame Bagel with Garlic and Herb Spread.


Next, I headed out to buy myself some presents! This was the best part of my entire birthday. I was longing to buy myself (or hope someone gifted me :p) few different planners. (I am more of a paper and pen girl when it comes to planning and tracking) And I came back home with the following bits and pieces!

Apart from planners, I gifted my self some Lush products (bath bombs: ‘sex bomb’ and ‘the world’s smallest disco’ and lip scrub: ‘bubblegum’) and roses too!


Now, what’s a birthday without a cake? Instead of buying a readymade cake, I decided to bake myself one. (My first ever time of baking a cake!) And this was the  final result: Chocolate Cake!

I ended my birthday with making myself some delicious dinner: ‘Baked Pasta In Red Sauce’! It was one of the most tasty dishes I ever put together!

Last but not the least, before going to bed, I wished and prayed for this another year of life and love! I am really very much grateful for everything I have and, the amount of love my near and dear ones have showed even being miles apart is magical.

Yes, I was on my own for my birthday but I chose this. Instead of regretting the circumstance of being lonely, I embraced the fact that I got this beautiful day to for once, just think about myself and do things that bring me joy. It’s the fulfilment and content I found in doing small things than making my birthday more of a grand affair! 

Thank you! and I hope you enjoyed reading this post:-)

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