Wishlist: Things I Desire To Learn

We never always get to choose what to learn. For instance, in school we all had subjects we disliked or never wanted to learn about. But then there were others we wanted to know more about but were never taught.
All my life I have always felt that as an individual, I have had so many things I desired to learn, but never had a chance or, was never pushed to pursue it.
Today at this point, I feel I can convert my desires into reality. At least some of them. The following is my wish list which I someday want to learn or at least be able to know/perform with some grace.


man standing on stage

So this is one fact about me; I had always dreamt of becoming an actress. Why I didn’t pursue it is a different story altogether. But the reason I want to learn the art of performing is what I have always been passionate about. To study different characters, learn about life of others, indulge myself into becoming someone else. This all intrigues me. Just for fun maybe, I do really want to learn acting or attend some workshops.


woman pouring down a brown paint

Now I know what they say: ‘painters are born not made’. Well, I am not talking about being a professional painter here. I desire to learn to do some basic painting like sketches, landscapes or anything abstract. From learning about colour palettes to the types of brushes and canvas, I want to educate myself about painting. It’s just the thought I have where I think how soothing and calm I shall feel if I knew how to paint.

Pole Dancing

adult balance black and white blur

I have loved dancing all my life. Whether its been choreographed or just an impromptu at a party; I can dance anywhere, anytime! I came across pole dancing quite a while ago but it has just been past a few months that my desire to pursue it has awakened. While considering those sexy moves on the pole, I really want to pursue it as part of being fit and flexible. I have always seen people having fun with pole dancing.


background blur calligraphy classic

In this age of digital media where everything from writing to reading to learning is becoming digital; our handwritings have taken a worse toss! Well, no; that is not the reason why I wish to pursue calligraphy. But it is linked. Knowing a particular type of handwriting is unique and precious where everything is on laptops and phones. I want to possess the art of calligraphy writing to cherish something unique of my own.


person flattening dough with rolling pin

I absolutely love food and moreover love baked food. They are healthy and delicious. To be honest, I feel I am a good cook but not a good baker. I want to learn to bake different recipes and wish to recreate a few famous ones with my own take on it. It is also a very refreshing and fulfilling whenever I have attempted to bake. I look at taking some 101 baking lessons.

A Form Of Self Defence

people in black shirt and pants

I really believe that sometimes bad circumstances occur without any notice. It is always good to know some form of self defence for one’s own safety. My desire to learn this arose from the everyday crimes happening around the world in regards to women’s safety. I feel not only myself but, every girl needs to be taught self defence as a mandatory subject in schools. And knowing a few moves also keeps our bodies well.

This is my wish list of things I desire to learn. A lot many of you might be a pro at some or all of them. I have the desire to be able to tap myself into the basics of each of them at the least. Do share with me your desires and what you want to learn about.
Thank you so much for reading through the post:-)

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sartenada says:

    No new languages? Not learning handicrafts like beading, knitting or making quilts? Amazing!

    One example of beading:

    How to make a beaded bracelet?

    Have a good day!


    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Hey.. we all have different desires to learn.. some languages, some handicrafts. These are just a compilation of my top ones. I have a never ending list.. Hope you enjoyed the read & I shall surely check out the example of beading.. Thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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