I Am Attempting BLOGMAS’18!

Hola fellas!

I am absolutely loving to write and grow my blog lately. It gives me such immense joy to be able to share my experiences, thoughts and glimpse of almost everything I do with you. Writing soothes me, challenges me and moreover gives me a sense of purpose.
I am still very new to blogging and learning through the way, but I have to admit that until now my journey has been really fun and fulfilling. I want to write more, become more creative and, challenge my own expectations. Hence, I thought of attempting to do the BLOGMAS!ย 


If unaware, ‘BLOGMAS’ derives from words: Blog + Christmas. This means that for the month of December, bloggers post every single day from first day of the month until the Christmas eve. This, I personally want to take it up as a challenge to be more creative and explore different avenues of content creation.

Generally BLOGMAS posts are Christmas and holiday themed however, I shall be making a bit of an unconventional move. I shall be posting about any topic I feel like I want to write about. This is also because for the month of December, websites and social media platforms are flooded with Christmas themed ideas. I want to post ideas what I really want to write about than be pressured into what I am supposed to write.
I hope you will support me through this challenge and give me all your encouragement. Thank you so much for reading through the post. I am so excited to start off with my BLOGMAS from December, 1! Are you?!

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  1. Norma Linnet says:

    I’d also like to take part in #blogmas, but –honestly?– I’m pretty scared because I don’t know if I’ll be up to the challenge.

    At the end of December I’ll be on a trip to Hungary. This means I won’t be able to write at all… So I think I’ll need to schedule posts. That is, writing them before. But where on earth do I find the time? As you can see, I’m pretty confused…

    But I’m glad you’re so determined to do it. I wish you good luck!




    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Hey Norma!
      Trust me I was exactly nerve wrecking myself like you, but people like you on Twitter and here have inspired and motivated me to take this up! Honestly, you will be fine. Yes, I do schedule posts (you sort of have to write at-least 3-4 days in advance for you to be on track) as it gives me ample time to write appropriate content. Hope you enjoy your trip to Hungary! Goodluck woman! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Great post! I’ll be doing Blogmas too and I’m so excited! I followed your blog so I can keep up with your blogmas posts. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!


    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Hey Amanda!
      Thank you so much:-)
      And Goodluck with your BLOGMAS too! So looking forward to it!

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  3. Love your format! Good luck with Blogmas!


    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Thank you so much:-)


  4. I’m attempting it too! I’ve never done any of these before and I’m a little nervous about posting so much. I am doing something similar to you and writing a post everyday but not all will be about Christmas. Good luck & Thanks for sharing!


    1. Her Blog Box says:

      Hey Crystal!
      Thank you so much! Absolutely, the BLOGMAS doesn’t have to be about Christmas. Just write whatever you feel like! I too am doing the same. I too had my inhibitions but trust me once you are on a roll, you shall enjoy every bit of it! Goodluck for your attempt! I am looking forward for it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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